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Hello, Yeager Mustang students and parents!  Please click the red link that is applicable to your speech and/or language goals. In addition, there are two websites listed below to engage in to improve reading comprehension and grammar.  Students this is the opportune time for you to complete your current events for science, social studies, and ELA.   Take the time to read a good book or complete a few activities on Classworks.   

R Words

S Words

Z Words

*Parents please create an account for student use for Khan Academy.
6th Grade Class Code: J2DE4L
7th Grade Class Code: K47BHU
8th Grade Class Code: QW4QUY
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Context Clues
Cause and Effect
Drawing Conclusions
Parts of Speech
Reading Comprehension
Antonyms and Synonyms

Coronavirus Level 2.pdf

A New Haircut Level 2.pdf


Articulation Calendar Distance Learning .pdf

Fluency Calendar Distance Learning .pdf

Language Level 2 Calendar 3rd - 6th Distance Learning .pdf

Social Communication Calendar Distance Learning .pdf

( (this resource posts by day with awesome videos and instruction. It is offered in Spanish and English))
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