Inclement Weather-Social Studies

Over the next three days...
Work on your WWII Leaders research and PPT assignment. Email me your completed PPT.

                                 WWII Leaders Research and PPT

You are to create a PowerPoint for your assigned leader and include the following information:
1. Date of birth, where were they born, childhood influences or events (divorce, interactions with family and friends, how they performed in school, role models, etc…)
2. Military training (if applicable)
3. Timeline of events that got them to where they are in 1939-1945 (political and military actions…ex. was crowned emperor in 1928.)
4. Describe their interactions with “their people” (were they dictators, were they voted in, were they feared, hated, loved, etc…)
5. What is their legacy, impact on the 20th Century? Why are they considered one of the most memorable leaders in history?

Your PowerPoint needs to have at least eight slides with a cover slide and at least three picture of the leader. 

Your month of birth will determine your assigned leader:
Leader: Adolf Hitler (Jan/Feb babies)
Leader: Benito Mussolini (March/April babies)
Leader: Joseph Stalin (May/June babies)
Leader: Winston Churchill (July/August babies)
Leader: Emperor Hirohito (Sept/Octo babies)
Leader: Franklin D. Roosevelt (Nov/Dec babies)