Policies and Procedures






The goal of the Yeager Middle School Media Center is to supplement and enhance the learning experience by assisting students and teachers in locating and using information in a variety of formats.


General Information:


·         The media center is staffed by a media specialist, Mona Spruill, and a media clerk, Stephanie McFall.

·         The media center operates on a flexible schedule to allow for equal access to space and resources.

·         The operating hours are from 8:15 until 3:40 for students unless prior arrangements have been made for extended hours.

·         No food, drinks, or gum will be allowed in the media center unless a planned event by a staff member is scheduled.


Circulation Procedures:

·         All items in the collection must be checked out at the circulation desk before being removed from the media center.  Reference books and periodicals may be checked out by teachers/staff only.

·         Students need to use a shelf marker when making their selections in order to assure proper placement of the book back onto the shelf.

·         Students may check out two books for a two-week period.  Books may be renewed at the end of the loan period if no reserves have been placed on them.

·         Books are checked out by presenting them to a member of the media center staff at the circulation desk.  All books should be returned by the date on the date-due slip. The media center staff requests the teachers’ assistance with guiding the students in assuming this responsibility.

·         Students will be charged late fees of five cents per day, not to exceed $3.00.  Overdue notices will be sent to homerooms periodically to remind students to return books.

·         Check-out privileges will be suspended for students with overdues until the book is returned or the replacement price is paid.

·         Lost or damaged books should be reported to the media center staff.  Students are responsible for damage and the cost of replacing lost books.  Any book damaged beyond repair must be replaced. Students may not check out other books until payment is made for lost books.

·         If a book is paid for but resurfaces during the same year, the student’s account will be credited with the amount paid and be used for any future late fines or lost book fees.

·         Check-out privileges will be suspended for students who have lost a book.  Privileges will be reinstated if payment is made for the lost items.


Faculty/Staff Circulation Procedures:


  • Faculty/staff may check out any number of books, CD’s or other materials for as long as needed.  Please be considerate of others and return materials as soon as possible.
  • Faculty/staff should return borrowed periodicals/newspapers to the circulation desk.
  • Faculty/stall may also check out reference books as needed.
  • Equipment should be reserved in advance and returned as soon as possible to provide equal access to all faculty/staff. Please do not allow students to move or operate equipment for safety reasons.  The media specialist should be notified if any equipment needs repair.
  • Media center staff will be happy to pull a collection of books for classroom use to be checked out to the teacher and delivered to the classroom.
  • Teachers are responsible for any materials checked out from the media center. If a book is damaged or lost, it will need to be paid for in order to replace the item. Please do not send students to check out materials for a teacher.




  • Individuals and small groups (4 or less) are encouraged to use the media center at any time with a signed agenda or pass.  The media center staff reserves the right to send disruptive students back to class.
  • Teachers should schedule with the media specialist in advance to bring large groups or classes.  Please fill out the Media Center Sign Up Sheet to ensure the availability of space and resources. With large groups, teachers are required to stay in the media center with their class for supervision purposes.
  • The media specialist will be glad to provide orientation sessions or library skills classes at the request of the teacher.  Please schedule these at least 2 days in advance.
  • The media center will work with teachers to provide enrichment activities to supplement units of study. These also need to be made at least 2 days in advance.
  • The media center staff will be glad to provide resources to the classrooms if space is not available in the media center.


Computer/Internet use:


  • Computers are available in the media center for all students and staff to use.
  • A signed acceptable use policy must be returned for students to use the internet.
  • Students will need to sign in and out on the computer sign in page before using the computers.
  • Students are not permitted to e-mail, play computer games, or chat on media center computers.
  • No CD’s, computer disks, DVD’s, or flash drives should be brought from home for use in media center computers to protect against viruses and inappropriate content.
  • Students should gain permission from media center staff to print information. Students are allowed 3 free printed pages a 9 weeks, and every printed copy beyond that will be .10. The number of copies will be marked in the back of the students' agenda.
  • Students must be considerate of others who need computers and limit use to a reasonable time.
  • Any student found accessing inappropriate material or abusing the computers will lose computer privileges.


Computer Lab Policies:

·         Students must have an internet permission sticker before using the internet.

·         Students’ computer activities will be closely monitored.

·         No food or drink is allowed in the computer labs.

·         Students must ask permission before printing.

·         Any student caught abusing the computers or using them for inappropriate reasons, will have computer privileges suspended.

·         Students must log out at the end of each computer session.


Collection Development:


  • Appropriate selection tools will be used to evaluate materials for the media center.
  • Input is solicited from the faculty, media committee, and students about collection needs.
  • Book donations or gifts will be considered only if they meet collection needs and are in suitable condition.
  • The media center staff is working to develop a professional library for faculty/staff. 
  • Periodicals are kept for a period of two years for research purposes. Many magazines/newspapers are also available on-line.
  • Any challenged material will be referred to the school media committee for reconsideration as instructed by the Douglas County Board of Education.


We look forward to serving you in the YMS Media Center and hope that you will visit us often.


Updated 10/24/18