Syllabus 2019-2020

Yeager Middle School

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7th Grade Language Arts

Course Syllabus 2019 – 2020

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Teacher Name: Mrs. Deborah Scott

Email: [email protected]

Planning Periods: 3rd and 4th 

Tutoring Times: by appointment only

Goal:  The middle school Rdg./ELA course is designed to give all students an understanding of the standards, evidenced by narrative reading and writing, response to literature and Informational texts, and persuasive writing in essay format.  Writing samples will be kept on students’ Google Classroom account, and any hard copies will be housed in their writing portfolio that remains with their ELA teacher, until completion of 7th grade. This course will prepare the students with lifelong, in addition to prepare them for  the End of Grade test in Reading and ELA. 

Language Arts Notebook: Students will keep notes and classwork assignments in their notebooks that will stay in class for the year.  

Tests/Quizzes: Students will be required to take and pass an AR Test, with 80% or above every two weeks.  

Late Work and Make-Up Work Procedure:  Late work will be accepted one school day after the due date and assessed a penalty of 20 points. Thereafter, any late work, up until 3 days after it was assigned  will receive a 55. 

 If a student must be absent, it is his/her responsibility to obtain make-up work and complete it in a reasonable amount of time, with a minimum of 2 days for each day absent.  If a student needs to make up an assignment that must be completed in the classroom, they should come during homeroom, or during connections break.  

Homework:  Homework is assigned on the first day of the week (usually Monday) and is due on Friday.  Homework Assignments: Students are required to read for 30 minutes each night, Mon.- Fri.  Weekly online homework will also be assigned.

Academic Dishonesty:  Any form of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.  Any student found in violation of academic dishonesty will have a parent notified as well as disciplinary action.

Grading Scale:   A=100-90          B=89-80 C= 79-71             F=69 and below

General Expectations Specific Expectations:

Be Safe Be prepared for class with all materials

Be Respectful Follow directions the first time given

Be Responsible Raise your hand before speaking or leaving your seat

        Keep cell phones turned off and put away.

Content:   Unit 1- Narrative

                  Unit 2 Response to Literature Grading Weights:  50% classwork; 35% assessments

                  Unit 3-Explanatory Writing 10% homework   5% Participation

    Unit 4-Argumentative Writing

Materials needed:  2 College Ruled Notebooks, 3 clear sheep protectors, 1 sturdy 2 pocket folder, hand-held pencil sharpener, and paper placed in the ELA section of student’s binder, pencils, blue pens, colored pens/pencils