Inclement Weather Assignments
The students were given the Scope Magazine with the cover page title The Beast Hunter on Jan 24, 2019. Below are the inclement weather assignments using two articles (Killer Smog (pgs. 22-27) and Smog So Thick, Beijing Comes to a Standstill (pgs. 28-29). 

Read the articles: Killer Smog and Smog So Thick.... Answer the following questions using complete sentences (2-3 sentences each). Please remember capitalization and ending punctuation marks. 

Day One- Read the articles. Answer this statement: Identify a central idea of the section "New Laws for Cleaner Air." List two details from the section that support that idea. (standard- central ideas and supporting details).

Day Two- Same articles. Answer this question: What steps were taken in Beijing to deal with the air pollution? (standard- reading for information). What are some obstacles to reducing air pollution? How can they be overcome? 

Day Three- Same articles. Answer the question: What was the purpose of those steps (from day two). think about what you learned from "Killer Smog" about the causes of air pollution. (standard- inference, synthesis). 

Day Four- Same articles. Answer the question: Edward Wong describes China's trade of a healthy living environment for fast economic growth as a "devil's handshake." Context clues reveal that a devil's handshake is what? (standard- context clues).

Day Five- Same articles. Answer the question: Reread the last section. What reason does Wong suggest for China's not having issued a red alert for air pollution before December 2015? What similar situation is decribed in "Killer Smog"? (standard- comprehension, synthesis)

After completing the assignments, enjoy reading any of the other articles.