Math Syllabus

Yeager Middle School Math Course Syllabus 2019 – 2020



Teacher Name:  Ms. Jessica Cook

Planning Periods: 3rd & 4th periods

Tutoring Times: 7:30-8:00 am, by appointment



Goal:  The goal of the Math class is to assist students in becoming proficient with functional math skills that can be applied in their daily lives.  This will be accomplished through hands on activities involving basic operations, time, money, budget/financing, etc.



Content:  Place Value, Addition facts, Subtraction facts, Multiplication facts, Division facts, Number relationships, the use of a calendar, Telling time, Money                                                           


Grading Weights:              50% Classwork

                                              40% Assessments/CDAs

                                               10% Homework



Textbook:  Connecting Math Concepts                                                          Grading Scale:   A=100-90     B=89-80

                     SRA/McGraw-Hill                                                                          C= 79-71      D=70     F=69 and below



Late Work Procedure:  Late work will be accepted one week after the due date and assessed a penalty of 20 points. All extended projects will be graded based on the guidelines in the grading rubric for each project. If a student is present in class, but chooses not to complete an assignment, the ability to earn partial credit will be determined after a discussion with the student, a coach, case manager, or a parent.   


Make Up Work Procedure:  If a student must be absent, it is his/her responsibility to obtain make-up work and complete it in a reasonable amount of time, with a minimum of 3 days for each day absent.  If a student needs to make up an assignment that must be completed in the classroom, they should come before school, during homeroom, or during connections break. 


Homework:  Homework is assigned daily and will be written in the student’s agenda.


General Expectations

Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible


Specific Expectations

Be prepared for class with all materials

Follow directions the first time given

Raise your hand before speaking

Follow all classroom and school procedures


Academic Dishonesty:  Plagiarism, taking someone else’s work and identifying it as your own, is not allowed.  When this occurs, a parent will be contacted and the student will earn a zero.  The student may earn a 50 if they acceptably complete the assignment within a week of parent contact.


I have reviewed the English Math Syllabus with my child and we understand the procedures and expectations.  



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