Syllabus 8th Grade ELA

Yeager Middle School

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                      8th grades ELA

Course Syllabus 2018-19



Teacher Name:  Mandie Newsom


Planning Periods: 1st and 2nd periods

Tutoring Times: by appointment



The middle school ELA course is designed to give all students an understanding of the standards, evidenced by narrative writing, response to literature, research/expository writing, and persuasive writing in essay format, housed in their writing portfolio that remains with their ELA teacher until completion of 8th grade. This course will prepare the students for the End of Grade test in ELA that will be aligned with the Georgia Performance Standards.

The primary objective for this course is to assist students in discovering new ideas or solutions to situations by using their own thinking processes along with cognitive and affective learning experiences. Students will discover the joy of exploration and discovery that will make them lifelong learners and encourage them in taking ownership of their learning and help them become creative and independent thinkers, readers, and writers.


Content:  Narrative Writing

               Response to Literature                                                 Grading Weights:  50% Classwork

                Research/Expository Writing                                                                      40% Assessments/CDA’s/Projects

               Persuasive Writing                                                                                   10% Homework

               Creative Writing         


Textbook:  Various Novel Studies                                              Grading Scale:  A=100-90   B=89=80

                  Informational Texts                                                                           C=79-71    D=70     F=69 and below           


ELA Notebook: The students will keep all assignments for each unit of study in the ELA section of their binder. The notebook will be used as a reference guide for writing, which includes classwork and homework.   


Late Work and Make-Up Work Procedure:  Late work will be accepted one school day after the due date and assessed a penalty of 20 points per day.


Homework:  Homework will be assigned and used as a meaningful tool to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom and to allow parents/guardians to actively engage in their child’s education. 


General Expectations

Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible


Specific Expectations

Be prepared for class with all materials

Follow directions the first time given

Raise your hand before speaking or getting up

Follow all classroom and school procedures


Academic Dishonesty:  Plagiarism, taking someone else’s work and identifying it as your own, is not allowed.  When this occurs, a parent will be contacted and the student will earn a zero.  The student may earn a 55 if they acceptably complete the assignment within a week of parent contact.