Inclement Weather Assignments/Digital Learning

Inclement   Weather   Assignments/
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Day 1:
1. Read your AR book and "Say Something"
 When you say something, do one or more of the following:
 -Identify an unfamiliar vocabulary term
-Make a prediction
-Ask a question
-Clarify something you misunderstood
-Make a connection
-Make a comment 
If you can’t do at least one of those five things, then you need to reread. 

Day 2:
1. Continue reading your AR book then describe the setting and rising action of your story. 

Day 3:
1. Read your AR book then identify examples of figurative language that the author uses ( metaphor, simile, symbol, personification, hyperbole, etc.) 

Day 4
Read your AR book then write a missing chapter that explains your favorite character's life more fully. 

Day 5: 
Read your AR book then summarize what you've read.  Use the RACE strategy to explain the theme and main idea of your book?

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