6th Grade Earth Science Syllabus

Yeager Middle School

6th Grade Earth Science

Course Syllabus 2019-2020

Teacher:  Monifa Derricks Email:  [email protected] Website: https://yms.dcssga.org/departments/school_staff/monifa_derricks Planning Periods: 5th and 6th periods Tutoring Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays  3:45-4:30 (Scheduled in Advance)

Goal:  The middle school Earth Science course is designed to give all students an overview of common strands in Earth Sciences including: Geology, Hydrology, Meteorology, and Astronomy. This course is aligned with the Georgia Performance Standards.


Unit 1-The Universe

Unit 2-Inside the Earth

Unit 3-Rocks and Minerals

Unit 4-Water and Earth’s Processes

Unit 5-Weather and Climate

Grading Weights:

50% Classwork

35% Assessments and Projects

10% Homework and LASSOs

5% Participation


Georgia Earth Science

Holt, Rhinehart, and Wilson

Copyright 2009

Grading Scale:

90 - 100  A

80 - 89    B

71 - 79    C

70           D

69 and Below F     


Science Notebook: The students will keep all assignments for each unit of study in the science section of their binder. The notebook will be used as a study guide for each unit. The notebook will be assessed throughout the year by a series of notebook checks.

Late Work:  Late work will be accepted one school day after the due date and assessed a penalty of 10 points per day. All extended projects will be graded based on the guidelines in the grading rubric for each project.  

Makeup Work Procedure: If a student must be absent, it is his/her responsibility to obtain make-up work and complete the work. The number of days given for makeup will be determined by number of days absent. If a student needs to make up an assignment that must be completed in the classroom, they should come before school, during homeroom, or during connections break.

Homework Expectations: All homework is expected to be completed and turned in on time and/or after school detentions may be utilized when students fall behind in their work.

General Expectations

Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Specific Expectations

Follow all classroom and school procedures

Be prepared for class with all materials

Follow directions the first time given

Raise your hand before speaking or getting up 

Academic Dishonesty:  Plagiarism, taking someone else’s work and identifying it as your own, is not allowed.  When this occurs, a parent will be contacted and the student will earn a zero. The student may earn a 50 if they acceptably complete the assignment within a week of parent contact.

Agendas: Students will bring their agenda to school and home every day so you can monitor their work and any teacher communications. Parents must sign the agendas every day.    

I have reviewed the 6th Grade Earth Science Syllabus with my child and we understand the procedures and expectations. My child will keep this syllabus form in his/her Science notebook. 


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